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Zhushan Sky Ladder

The “竹山天梯” or Zhushan Sky Ladder is a staircase-style suspension bridge located in Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. It is situated in the Duanli Taiji Canyon and serves as a tourist attraction, designated as part of the “Sky Ladder Scenic Area” along with other nearby attractions.

The construction of the Zhushan Sky Ladder aimed to promote tourism development in the Taiji Canyon. The bridge has a total length of 136 meters and consists of 208 steps, with one end rising approximately 20 meters above the Taiji Canyon. The surrounding area of the Taiji Canyon features other attractions such as the Giant Stone Face, Twin Dragon Waterfall, Yufu Suspension Bridge, Yixiantian, and Tianjing Waterfall, making the entire Sky Ladder Scenic Area a diverse and scenic destination.

In 2004, plans were initiated to construct a suspension bridge, and Japanese engineers were recruited to participate in the construction project in Taiwan. To avoid the dangerous section of the Tiziling Land God segment prone to landslides and the challenging route of crossing the Lichiu Creek, as well as to overcome the significant height difference between the mountain walls on both sides of the Liqiu Liao Creek, it was decided to build the first staircase-style suspension bridge in Taiwan. The name of the bridge, “梯子吊橋” (Tiziling Bridge), was chosen through an open vote. The Tiziling Bridge was completed in 2005 with a total length of 136 meters, consisting of 208 steps, and a height difference of 20 meters between its two ends.