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Peak Maltose wood-fired handmade malt

The Peak Maltose Handmade Malt in Zhushan is a unique traditional process that is made using traditional methods and natural ingredients. This malt is produced from barley through processes such as germination, air drying, and roasting, and it relies entirely on manual operations. Each step of the production process requires manual handling, including boiling, roasting, and flipping, to ensure the quality and texture of the malt.

This handmade malt has a distinctive flavor and texture. After roasting, it has a brown surface, a crispy texture, and a unique smoky aroma. In terms of taste, the malt is crispy but not hard, with a subtle sweetness, making it a great snack or ingredient.

The Shan Ding Ren Chai Shao Handmade Malt is highly popular in Zhushan and attracts many visitors who come to taste it. You can find this malt in local specialty snack shops or agricultural product markets. Additionally, Zhushan also hosts festivals or events specifically showcasing and promoting the Shan Ding Ren Chai Shao Handmade Malt, allowing more people to discover and enjoy this distinctive delicacy.