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Pakua Tea Garden

The Yagah Tea Plantation is located in Zhushan Township, Nantou County, Taiwan. It is a well-known tea cultivation and tourist destination. This tea plantation is renowned for growing high mountain tea and fragrant oolong tea, making it one of Taiwan’s tea-producing regions.
The geographic environment of Zhushan Yagah Tea Plantation is highly suitable for tea cultivation, with abundant sunlight, plentiful water sources, and fertile soil. These factors contribute to the growth of tea leaves with excellent taste and aroma.

Visitors to the Zhushan Yagah Tea Plantation can explore the tea garden and learn about the tea cultivation process and production techniques. You can witness the thriving growth of tea bushes, taste fresh tea leaves, and learn how to brew a delicious cup of tea.

In addition, the Zhushan Yagah Tea Plantation offers tea products for sale, including high mountain tea, oolong tea, green tea, and more. You can purchase your favorite tea leaves to bring home or give as gifts to family and friends.