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Mushroom Paradise


The mountainous area of Zhushan Town is characterized by dense forests, fresh air, and lack of pollution, all of which have a positive impact on the growth and quality of mushrooms, particularly shiitake mushrooms.

Shiitake mushrooms cultivated in Zhushan Town typically have a round and plump appearance with a tender texture. The climate in the area, marked by significant temperature differences between day and night, contributes to the enhanced quality and taste of the mushrooms. The cool daytime weather and lower nighttime temperatures promote the rapid growth of the mushrooms while also resulting in a firmer texture.

Furthermore, the shiitake mushrooms from Zhushan Town possess a unique flavor. This is attributed to their growth in the forest environment, where they absorb the natural aromas and scents of plants. The distinctive characteristics of this natural environment give the mushrooms from Zhushan Town a richer and more aromatic taste, along with enhanced nutritional value.

In summary, Zhushan Town’s picturesque scenery, high-altitude and cool climate, dense forests, and pollution-free environment provide an ideal ecological setting for the growth of mushrooms. The shiitake mushrooms cultivated here are plump, fragrant, nutritionally rich, and carry the natural flavors of the surrounding forests. If you enjoy delicious mushrooms, the shiitake mushrooms from Zhushan Town are definitely worth a try.