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Da’An Bamboo


The trail follows the undulating slopes of the mountainside, passing through several scenic viewpoints, allowing visitors to admire the magnificent bamboo sea and the distant mountainous scenery. On the trail, you can feel the refreshing air, listen to the sound of the wind rustling through the bamboo leaves, and appreciate the greenery and tranquility brought by the bamboo forest. The scenery here changes with the seasons, offering different beautiful views to enjoy throughout the year.
Along the trail, you can also spot some wild animals and plants. This place serves as a habitat for many birds and insects, making it an excellent observation spot for nature enthusiasts. If you’re lucky, you may encounter birds and small animals darting through the bamboo forest.

The Great Saddle Bamboo Sea Trail is located within the jurisdiction of Zhushan Township. It is an approximately 3-kilometer-long ecological trail that winds through the bamboo sea, offering visitors a rare opportunity to get close to nature. The term “bamboo sea” refers to the vast bamboo forests in Taiwan, and this bamboo forest is one of the prominent features of the Duan Mountain area, covering extensive slopes and valleys.

In summary, the Great Saddle Bamboo Sea Trail is an excellent natural recreational area that offers visitors a chance to have close encounters with nature. Whether you enjoy nature or are passionate about photography, this is a place worth visiting. I hope you have a wonderful time on the Great Saddle Bamboo Sea Trail!